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Have fun!

And link me to your pictures if you make one, I want to see them!

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We didnt start the fire…

… Yeah. I got kicked out of chick-fil-a for playing in a play place. AGEISM IS REAL.

Why have I never been to a chick-fil-a before? Shit’s delicious, my cashier was HAWT and THEY HAVE A FUCKING PLAYPLACE. Shit yeah.

About 2 years ago I had a dream.

In this dream, my grandmother Tony (my father’s mother, a deep spiritualist and I believe to be a medium) came to me and led me by the hand through a forest. She pointed out individual stones along the way and although there was no speaking between her and me (in fact, there was little sound at all) I knew exactly what kinds of stones they were. Adventurine, Rose Quartz, Quartz, Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst. Eventually we came to a stop and she let go of my hand, and vanished. I woke up with, I guess, a bit of a purpose: to track down those stones. Well, today, I finally finished that purpose. I’m not as much of a spiritualist as my Grandmother, nor do I have her innate abilities, but I believe this was something I was supposed to do and now that it is complete I have a sense of accomplishment but also of peace.

Album Art

This speaks to me on an emotional level


ArtistChase Holfelder
TitleAmazing Grace (Minor Key)
AlbumAmazing Grace (Minor Key) - Single






I love this so much

This might be the best thing ever

That was a wild ride.

jesus christ

trusdt me just fuckign watch it

this person is my role model and one day I want to be as awesome as them.

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The fact Lois is 100% ready to throw down makes me ecstatic

Is there more of this? I want to see her interview everyone.

This is the best Lois ever.

…. I fucking love this.

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Album Art






I imagine the people living inside Wall Rose going about their daily lives then they hear this and they’re like “ohhhh shit’s goin’ down beyond the wall”

holy fucking shit i actually peed abit i laughed so much

"Well, there goes that angry Eren kid again."

Reblogging for that last comment

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Titlemuffled attack on titan opening in the distance

sharysisnhmoonshadow I FOUUUUUNND YOUUU